The Importance of Preventive Care

The Importance of Preventive Care

Preventive dental care is focused on taking measures to reduce the chance of oral diseases. If you place a high value on your smile, learn preventative caremore about getting regular preventive care at the dentist’s office. Dr. P. Steven Wainess offers a number of valuable treatments that can ensure your long-term dental health at his office in St. Clair Shores, MI.

Examples of Dental Preventive Care
Going to the dentist every six months to have your teeth cleaned is the most basic form of preventive dental care that you can get. In addition to the professional cleaning, your dentist can identify any unseen problems for early treatment at your checkups. Other preventive treatments include:

- Dental sealants (a protection for children).
- X-rays to identify potential tooth decay or bone loss.
- Dental bonding to fill in small cracks in a tooth.
- Root scaling and planing (a periodontal treatment).
- Crowns to shore up a vulnerable tooth.
- Space maintainers to prevent shifting of the teeth (also common for children).

Why Preventative Care Is Important
A study by the CDC estimated that by the age of 50 Americans lose an average of 12 teeth, and this is often because they avoid preventive care. Many of the nearly 50 percent of adult Americans over the age of 30 who the CDC estimates have gum disease could benefit from very basic treatments. They could avoid periodontal surgery or tooth extraction. Compared to the cost of more invasive dental procedures, preventive care is very affordable and often covered by insurance plans. 

Preventive Tips to Take Home
Your St. Clair Shores dentist can do a lot for your smile twice per year at cleanings, but you have to care for it the other 363 days of the year. Here are some tips to take home:

- Brush consistently, every day, twice a day, using a dentist-recommended toothpaste.
- Minimize the chance of plaque build-up between cleanings by flossing after every meal, or at least once before you go to sleep.
- Eat better foods that promote gum health and provide you with ample calcium, phosphorus, lean protein, and probiotics.

Make a Trip to the Dentist Soon
Don’t put off preventive care for your teeth—it could help you avoid more complicated and expensive dental procedures in the future. Call (586) 293-1515 today to schedule a checkup appointment at Dr. Wainess’ dental office in St. Clair Shores, MI.